A Bite of China Ⅲ [Chinese Drama 2018]

Spring planting, Summer weeding, Autumn harvesting, Winter storing, the philosopy of Man and Nature as one allows Chinese cuisine to evolve with changing times, with wisdom, Chinese medicine nutritional health conservation studies created new ways to use food ingredients, Confucius philosophies brings intentions and the best of home cooking to our dining tables.
This series explores the history, traditions and culture of Chinese food. Filmed at over 160 locations across China, this series truly is a feast for the senses.
The seven-episode documentary series introduces the history and story behind foods of various kinds in more than 160 locations in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. The documentary has also been actively encouraged as a means of introducing Chinese food culture to those unfamiliar with local cuisine.

Country : Chinese
Status : Completed
Released : 2018
Genre : Documentry, Food\Cooking

A Bite of Chaina III Trailer # 01

A Bite of Chaina III Trailer # 02


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