I Cannot Hug You [Chinese Drama 2017] | Star Cast With HD

The plot revolves around an inexplicable pull between two people and the romance that ensues between them. The main protagonist is the modern-day vampire who is apathetic towards everything in life until he showed up as her next-door neighbor (he's a germophobe, like in the webtoon). Her world changes as she feels the desperate need to get close to him. Will she finally be able to hug him?  Based on the "unTouchable" Line webtoon created by Massstar.
Star Cast :
  • Xing Zhao Lin
  • Zhang Yu Xi
  • Dai Jing Yao
  • Xin Rui Qi
  • Xu Kai Cheng
  • Kele Sun
Country : Chinese
Status : Completed
Released : 2017
Genre : Drama, Comedy, Romance, Youth, Fantasy

I Can not Hug You Teaser # 01

I Can not Hug You Teaser # 02


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